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You should not just start or continue your professional career anywhere. You should choose KTM. The level of knowledge and experience you can acquire with us is unrivaled.


We offer a variety of entry-level and further development opportunities for graduates. For experienced professionals, there is the possibility of pursuing a career as a specialist or manager. With us you can take on responsibility and prove your skills right from day one.

An innovative environment full of challenging projects awaits you – because no goal is too ambitious for us.


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    Motor sports are our passion – the drive to be constantly at the top is what our company is renowned for. 100% passion, adrenalin and enthusiasm for what we do is important to everyone in our motor sports team.
    Over 600 highly specialized mechanics in the two-wheeler segment? State-of-the-art prototyping technologies and manufacturing equipment? Over 20,000m² of space for the latest testing and measuring equipment? Welcome to the KTM development center! In the initial birthplace of every motorcycle, our international team of mechanics give their best every day to develop today’s concepts into tomorrow’s championship-winning machines.
    Besides the development of new vehicle and drive concepts, we place a high value on testing the details of individual parts and assemblies. Our industrial park includes a wide array of test benches and measuring equipment that allow us to implement new developments swiftly. The construction, testing and series production of new concepts calls for a steadily growing, interdisciplinary team of specialists.


    We control 80% of our worldwide sales through our network of sales subsidiaries. Through our subsidiaries we are directly connected to our dealers and can therefore respond quickly to cater for market developments and customer expectations. In the rest of the markets, we are either represented in the form of joint ventures or we work together with independent importers.

    In addition to the expansion and to further developing the quality of the sales structures in the traditional KTM markets, we are also driving forward expansion in the emerging markets such as South America, the Middle East, and Asia. In the flagship stores, the aim is for customers to immerse themselves in our world and experience first hand the fascination surrounding the brand.

    Successes and the fascination of motor racing provide the best advertisement. Globally and in all disciplines, KTM motorcycles are constantly winning, from regional championships to world championship titles. Our international marketing team presents these successes in the perfect light with great dedication and innovative ideas, and ensures that the KTM brands not only conquer the race tracks, but also win over the hearts of the fans. Marketing is staffed by highly trained professionals who are united by their passion for motorcycles and for the KTM brands, and who work toward achieving a common goal with a great deal of commitment and a hands-on mentality.


    The purchasing department is responsible for the entire procurement process for our purchasing portfolio. The aim and responsibility of the unit is to request and negotiate all prototypes, series tools and series parts that are required for series production from reliable suppliers. The KTM standard contracts are individually adapted by the purchaser and concluded in accordance with the specifications of the purchasing management team. Furthermore, the quality assurance agreements, scrap agreements and the request for technical specifications also form part of the area of responsibility of the purchasing department.

    Anyone who has ever chased an Enduro or a crosser through difficult terrain knows the stresses and strains that such a motorcycle has to endure. For this reason alone, our quality management guarantees maximum precision throughout the product creation process. This means that KTM riders can rely on their motorcycle in any situation, no matter how extreme.

    When the motorcycles leave the factory, this does not mean that our work is done. Providing professional support to our customers is important to maintain and further expand the premium standards we set for our motorcycles. The philosophy of customer service: “Keep the customer riding”.


    The finance department takes care of all financial matters: It is responsible for external reporting, maintains relationships with investors and also ensures that all accounting guidelines are adhered to.

    In a dynamic and future-oriented company such as KTM AG, the challenge is to pay attention to details. Controlling is responsible for the planning, management and control of commercial processes. As a provider of economic advice to the company’s executives and middle management, Controlling also supports the implementation and achievement of corporate goals.

    In the legal department, meticulous attention is paid to ensuring that all applicable laws are observed. This is where the experts on all legal matters reside, and they also take care of protecting our brand and products.

    One of our most important success factors are our employees – the focus of the HR department. Recruitment strengthens the positioning of our employer brand and finds the best candidates through targeted personnel selection. Through our KTM_academy we invest heavily in the further development of our employees and offer interesting further education and training measures to equip our team to meet new challenges.


    Designers and engineers plan and develop the motorcycles, but it is only during production that all pre-assembled components of our motorcycles come together thanks to perfect logistics. 90 different engines and 150 different motorcycles are assembled from more than 10,000 different parts.
    The engine housings and cylinder heads of our high-performance engines are machined on 19 CNC machining centers and then assembled to create unique engines. Our motorcycles leave the assembly lines every four minutes. After assembly, every new motorcycle must undergo a test bench test for a complete functional check. This guarantees perfect performance even under the most difficult conditions. Only then can the global shipping of the motorcycles take place.
    The logistics department’s seamless supply chain keeps the engine of production running. Only with smooth logistics can motorcycles and spare parts be delivered on time worldwide. The organization of customs clearance is also one of the core competencies.

    The logistics department is also a core element in achieving the corporate goals. Thanks to this department, work processes are optimized, costs are cut and production times are reduced – which is also reflected in the times on the race track!

  • IT

    The efforts of a strong team are needed before the rider can start their motorcycle, and the adventure begins. As a central service provider for the entire Group, the IT department plays a key role in all IT, project and process management issues.

    IT is involved in almost every work step, process and therefore also in the motorcycle. Standard software is adapted to the needs of the departments, individual software is developed and cloud solutions are integrated into processes. Workstations, networks and systems are operated and supported around the globe. With state-of-the-art solutions, IT supports the processes of internal departments as well as cooperation with dealers and importers around the world. New technologies are evaluated and supported by professional project management. From design, via control in production, through to delivery to our dealers – our IT contributes to every motorcycle. A focus on teamwork and service is a top priority.

  • Co-Working-Space
  • BACK Co-Working-Space

    Working from different locations, becoming more mobile and sharing ideas with other teams are becoming important. At the Anif site, our employees have access to furnished Co-Working-Desks where cross-departmental teams can work together.

    Additional workspaces will be created in Linz and Wels.




Here at KTM, we look to the future and we are always READY TO RACE. No matter what terrain, we have the perfect model ready at all times. In much the same way, we offer you a variety of ways to build your own individual career which is tailored to your current employment situation and future challenges.

Further training for winners

Give your career the right drive and start your future now with KTM!



One thing is clear – masters don’t just fall from the sky. Regular training has made us the best and quickest in the industry. It doesn’t matter which division you work in;
we make sure you can take your own individual pit stops to bring you up to speed and help you stay ahead of the pack. Training and further education, individually tailored for certain divisions, are there to point you in the right direction.


In motorsport, the coach is just as important as the driver and the team. For our managers, and would-be managers, we offer a variety of Leadership and Management courses depending on their level of development. This not only motivates you, but also helps you to motivate your team to perform their best.


Furthermore, the toolbox is available to all employees and offers practical, work-study qualifications in various areas. Whether it’s e-learning or hands-on training here with us, you will always find the method which suits you best.

Flextime & home office

To finish on the winners’ podium, flexibility and a quick response to challenges is essential. The same applies to a flexible working environment. KTM focuses on agility in all areas. Working hours, adapted to home and work circumstances, provide flexibility for employees and the company. Flexitime agreements and spreading out weekly working hours from Monday to Thursday, up to three times a month, offer maximum flexibility for our employees. It is important to KTM that its employees remain productive in the long term and live their everyday lives with a good work/life balance.

Travel times to the workplace, your own work rhythm, focused processing of specific tasks or a better balance between work and family life are all good reasons to spend a day working from home. As a modern company, KTM focuses on performance, not on attendance – on Fridays there is the option to work from home.



Racing and winning means never standing still and constantly developing. The same goes for our employees. Our KTM_Academy offers customized training and development opportunities. The program includes online trainings & courses, workshops, seminars, meetings, conferences and in-house trainings. Access is via a modern learning management system. Performance talks and feedback sessions define your goals and provide you with the skills you need to achieve them. Constant adjustment of performance is the prerequisite for starting races from the front row of the grid. SIMPLY PROGRESSIVE!

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Your personal ABS. Safety is a top priority for us, not only for the motorcycles. Every year, the company voluntarily pays an additional life insurance policy for its employees.

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A new job may also entail a change of residence. We are happy to assist new colleagues with this, especially if they are coming from far away. Depending on availability, this offer can range from providing a furnished room to renting an affordable flat for a transitional period.

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Work hard, play hard. We celebrate our successes at various events, whether they are collective or your own personal milestones. You will also have the opportunity to exchange ideas and share your experiences with colleagues from different departments in the company at our networking events.

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Life holds surprises and challenges in store. Mastering situations strengthens our mental health. For support and advice, our work psychologists are available to all employees on request. Of course, we also offer our employees preventive medical checkups and vaccinations. In addition, we encourage participation in sporting events and organize team sporting activities.

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We offer our employees the MasterCard Gold in KTM style, including travel insurance cover for the whole family, free of charge.

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