Make your passion your profession


At KTM AG, we believe that our employees deserve the very best, just as we expect the best from them. That is why we offer the best benefits. From flexible working hours and childcare to discounts and test rides on your favorite bike.


Saving time and commuting are just some of the benefits of working from home. Depending on the business unit, it may be possible to work from home on Fridays under a fair use policy. Adjusted or expanded policies vary depending on the needs of the business unit.

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Varied work locations, greater mobility, and the ability to collaborate with other teams and across departments are becoming increasingly important. Commuting times, your own work rhythm, concentrated work or a better work-life balance – these are all good reasons to work flexibly from different locations. That is why we offer you the opportunity to work at one of our locations in Mattighofen, Munderfing, Linz, Thalheim bei Wels, Hagenberg, Anif, Graz or Vienna, depending on your tasks and field of activity.

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Riding your bike to work or going for a ride to explore the countryside on your days off? Whether you want to ride in the mountains, in the city or just off-road, you’ll find the right model for every type of route in our range of bikes. As an employer, we will lease the bike of your choice. You can use it 100% privately.

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Do you ride motorcycles and are you a fan of our brands? We support your passion with discounts on accessories and equipment from KTM AG brands, as well as test rides on the latest models. In addition, our numerous cooperations offer you a wide range of discounts with our partners.

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To get on the podium, flexibility and quick reaction are essential. The same applies to a flexible working environment. Adapted to the area of responsibility, location and department, KTM AG offers various working time models to suit the private and professional situation. Different time models such as flexitime and distribution of weekly working hours from Monday to Thursday (up to three times a month) are used in the company. Long working hours are recorded in a working time account and compensated by additional time off. This is because it is essential that employees remain productive in the long term and experience their daily routine in a work-life balance.

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The production_academy is a training center for the production and logistics area. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, our employees can improve their skills here! We train practical skills such as the use of screwdrivers and the skillful laying of cable harnesses. Our production_academy gives you the tools you need to immerse yourself in the world of production. We get your passion for engines and technology going.

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Racing and winning means never standing still and constantly developing. The same goes for our employees. Our KTM_Academy offers customized training and development opportunities. The program includes online trainings & courses, workshops, seminars, meetings, conferences and in-house trainings. Access is via a modern learning management system. Performance talks and feedback sessions define your goals and provide you with the skills you need to achieve them. Constant adjustment of performance is the prerequisite for starting races from the front row of the grid. SIMPLY PROGRESSIVE!

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Austria is one of the most family friendly countries in the world. 25 vacation days, two years of parental leave and financial support for childcare costs allow employees to strike an optimum balance between the demands of family and professional life. As a major company, we want to ensure that parents have a smooth re-entry in the world of work. Our flexible working time models, company crèches in Munderfing and Mattighofen as well as a summer vacation program all help returning employees to immerse themselves in their daily work routines again. In addition, we offer parents in management positions the opportunity to work part-time after the birth of a child in order to achieve an even better work-life balance.

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We offer our employees the MasterCard Gold in KTM style, including travel insurance cover for the whole family, free of charge.

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A new job may also entail a change of residence. We are happy to assist new colleagues with this, especially if they are coming from far away. Depending on availability, this offer can range from providing a furnished room to renting an affordable flat for a transitional period.

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Work hard, play hard. We celebrate our successes at various events, whether they are collective or your own personal milestones. You will also have the opportunity to exchange ideas and share your experiences with colleagues from different departments in the company at our networking events.

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On your first day, we welcome you as part of a Welcome Day. You will get an insight about the brands of the company and important information for your successful start. As a new member of the family, we will help you to feel “at home” as quickly as possible. As part of our buddy system, you will be assigned a colleague to answer any questions you may have and to help you find your way around. In the following months, we will offer you a guided tour of the production areas on an Experience Day to give you an even deeper insight into the production of our products. Feedback sessions during the onboarding phase and training sessions from day one will give you the confidence you need for a successful start. Together we stand at the grid – to give you the best start.

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Special Class Insurance

Those of us who aim to be better-than-average must make sure our batteries are fully charged. Our body, and its health, is our most valuable engine and that is why we are offering our employees a discounted special class insurance.

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Our canteen offers varied menus daily. In addition, we have a refreshment station for staving off your hunger, or for a quick snack on the go. Fresh fruit makes for your vitamin kick start to the day, which is why it’s available free to our employees.

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We support our future employees with their relocation. From flight to rental car, transport or brokerage costs: the recruiting team is available during the offer phase for the individual definition of the support.

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Your personal ABS. Safety is a top priority for us, not only for the motorcycles. Every year, the company voluntarily pays an additional life insurance policy for its employees.

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Team spirit is very important at KTM AG – it is only when everyone in the team is well taken care of that you can ride to the top together. We support parents returning to the workplace: Between 6:30 am and 3:00 pm, children aged 1-3 years are looked after in the two company-owned crèche facilities in Munderfing and Mattighofen.  For children aged 5 to 10, KTM AG offers five weeks of free childcare during the summer vacations.

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Life holds surprises and challenges in store. Mastering situations strengthens our mental health. For support and advice, our work psychologists are available to all employees on request. Of course, we also offer our employees preventive medical checkups and vaccinations. In addition, we encourage participation in sporting events and organize team sporting activities.

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For your anniversaries as an employee after 5, 10, 15 and 20 years, we give gifts as an appreciation for your loyalty. There are also small giveaways during special events such as our summer festival.

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The questions you should ask yourself first are: Are you the right match for us and are we the right match for you? If you can answer both of these questions with a resounding YES then apply now!