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We offer both holiday internships as well as more extended student internships. Are you searching for an interesting topic for your diploma thesis or bachelor’s/master’s thesis? With us you have the chance to work on real projects to put the theory you have learned into practice.

Student internships and degree thesis

We regularly offer internships in different specialist departments. As an intern, you can work on real projects, benefit from the experience of our specialists, and will be well integrated into the company right from the start. In most cases, internships and degree theses are linked and constitute the initial foundation for a subsequent career with us. Specific job advertisements can be found under “Vacant Positions”.

A prerequisite for the internship is a work permit which can only be obtained if you are registered as a student at an Austrian university.


From flexible working and health and fitness to childcare, discounts and test rides on your favourite bike. At KTM we believe that our employees deserve the best, as we expect the best out of them. 


Riding your bike to work or going for a ride to explore the countryside on your days off? Whether you want to ride in the mountains, in the city or just off-road, you’ll find the right model for every type of route in our range of bikes. As an employer, we will lease the bike of your choice. You can use it 100% privately.

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To get on the podium, flexibility and quick reaction are essential. The same applies to a flexible working environment. Adapted to the area of responsibility, location and department, KTM AG offers various working time models to suit the private and professional situation. Different time models such as flexitime and distribution of weekly working hours from Monday to Thursday (up to three times a month) are used in the company. Long working hours are recorded in a working time account and compensated by additional time off. This is because it is essential that employees remain productive in the long term and experience their daily routine in a work-life balance. Travel times to the workplace, one’s own work rhythm, concentrated work or a better work-life balance – these are all good reasons for flexible working from different locations: We therefore offer, depending on the task and work area, to work from one of our locations in Mattighofen, Munderfing, Linz, Thalheim bei Wels, Hagenberg, Anif or Graz. Depending on the division, there is the possibility for home office on Fridays according to the fair-use principle. Adjusted or extended arrangements vary according to the needs of the business unit.

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Riding and winning races means never standing still, and constant development. The same applies to our employees. Our KTM_academy offers customized further education and training opportunities. The program includes training courses, workshops, seminars, meetings, conferences and in-house training. Access is provided via a modern learning management system. In performance talks and feedback sessions, your goals are defined and you are taught the skills you need to achieve them. Constant adjustment of performance is the prerequisite for starting races from the front row of the grid.

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Work hard, play hard. When we come together for Christmas or our summer party, our successes are celebrated. The program in recent years ranged from an employees and athletes ceremony to cabaret through to a laser show.

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On your first day, we welcome you as part of a Welcome Day. You will get an insight about the brands of the company and important information for your successful start. As a new member of the family, we will help you to feel “at home” as quickly as possible. As part of our buddy system, you will be assigned a colleague to answer any questions you may have and to help you find your way around. In the following months, we will offer you a guided tour of the production areas on an Experience Day to give you an even deeper insight into the production of our products. Feedback sessions during the onboarding phase and training sessions from day one will give you the confidence you need for a successful start. Together we stand at the grid – to give you the best start.

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Life holds surprises and challenges in store. Mastering situations strengthens our mental health. For support and advice, our work psychologists are available to all employees on request. Of course, we also offer our employees preventive medical checkups and vaccinations. In addition, we encourage participation in sporting events and organize team sporting activities.

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A new job may also entail a change of residence. We are happy to assist new colleagues with this, especially if they are coming from far away. Depending on availability, this offer can range from providing a furnished room to renting an affordable flat for a transitional period.

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