Life is too short to work just anywhere.

Racing suits, not business suits.

Short communication paths, not the long road to boredom. 100 percent, not the same old 9 to 5. Getting things done instead of getting bogged down in endless meetings. A chance to use your IQ instead of engaging in mindless tasks.

This has made us one of the most successful motorcycle brands on the market for decades. And we will continue to maintain this position in the future!

MotoGP rider inside the KTM box


Our employees are like our motorcycles: drive is what counts, not the model year, the mileage or the preferred terrain. We are looking for employees who are willing to work together, think together and live out our philosophy together. With or without career experience. With or without a university degree. With one or two X chromosomes.

Because no matter who you are, what ultimately matters is what you are capable of!

Working at KTM

Make your passion your profession! With us you can utilize and develop your talent to the full. We nurture your potential because we need the very best in every discipline. Our goals can only be achieved with complete passion and dedication.

We embody diversity – as a global player with Austrian roots, we offer an international environment, but also sustainable investment at the headquarters. We are proud brand ambassadors within a welcoming culture.

KTM AG employees during a team meeting


Our benefits range from health and fitness to discounts and test rides on your favourite bike. At KTM we believe that our employees deserve the best, as we expect the best out of them. 


Riding your bike to work or going for a ride to explore the countryside on your days off? Whether you want to ride in the mountains, in the city or just off-road, you’ll find the right model for every type of route in our range of bikes. As an employer, we will lease the bike of your choice. You can use it 100% privately.

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To get on the podium, flexibility and quick reaction are essential. The same applies to a flexible working environment. Adapted to the area of responsibility, location and department, KTM AG offers various working time models to suit the private and professional situation. Different time models such as flexitime and distribution of weekly working hours from Monday to Thursday (up to three times a month) are used in the company. Long working hours are recorded in a working time account and compensated by additional time off. This is because it is essential that employees remain productive in the long term and experience their daily routine in a work-life balance.

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The production_academy is a training center for the production and logistics area. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, our employees can improve their skills here! We train practical skills such as the use of screwdrivers and the skillful laying of cable harnesses. Our production_academy gives you the tools you need to immerse yourself in the world of production. We get your passion for engines and technology going.

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Racing and winning means never standing still and constantly developing. The same goes for our employees. Our KTM_Academy offers customized training and development opportunities. The program includes online trainings & courses, workshops, seminars, meetings, conferences and in-house trainings. Access is via a modern learning management system. Performance talks and feedback sessions define your goals and provide you with the skills you need to achieve them. Constant adjustment of performance is the prerequisite for starting races from the front row of the grid. SIMPLY PROGRESSIVE!

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Our entry levels




If you are already an expert in your field and aim to contribute with your expertise, challenging specialist roles await.

If you have leadership skills and are aiming to take responsibility for a team, we can also offer you great opportunities as we are constantly growing. Through targeted training opportunities your talents are encouraged.

Charismatic and confident KTM employee
Students having fun during a meeting

Gain first insights into the world champions factory

Pupils & students

We offer both holiday internships as well as more extended student internships.

Are you searching for an interesting topic for your diploma thesis or bachelor’s/master’s thesis? As an intern, you will benefit from the experience of our specialists. From the outset you will be well integrated within the company and get to work on real projects to put the theory you have learned into practice. As a student, coming to KTM is highly beneficial to kick start your career as the real world experience you will gain will put you one step ahead of the competition.

Central to Motorcycling, is performance

Performance is key, Because without it,

success is not an option.

Stefan Pierer

The right choice is the first step


In order to be able to decide on the right apprenticeship, you can find out about what training we offer at a number of trade fairs. From the 8th grade onward, you can ask our training manager for a voluntary trial in our apprentice workshop (2-3 days)

Apprentice working with his trainer
Aerial view of KTM AG facilities


Do you have a job offer? We look forward to welcoming you! You will be sent 360° glasses which will give you an exclusive insight into all areas at KTM even before your first day at work.


Curious about KTM? Here you can get an insight into where the sporty motorcycles are developed and manufactured by Europe’s largest motorcycle manufacturer. Maybe you’ll gain a glimpse of your next workplace?

Be part of a winning team

Working at KTM means no speed limits, only a full throttle career. We aid and assist our employees by encouraging them to progress within the company and within their career. Not just a job, but a passion. Our career options are not linear as we are open to employees progressing in various directions. No matter what awaits you around the next bend, we support you as an employer and make you
READY TO RACE for the next adventure.

Ready to race?