Further training for winners

Always “Ready to Race”

Here at KTM, we look to the future. Whatever the terrain, we have the perfect model ready at all times. In much the same way, we offer you a variety of ways to build your own individual career which is tailored to your current employment situation and future challenges.


Depending where you are, you have a variety of options. Join us as a commercial or technical apprentice and get to know different aspects of KTM. If you already have a higher general school leaving certificate (e.g. AHS Matura), the Dual Academy can be your next step. Would you like to take the next step? We support a wide range of training such as master craftsman courses, part-time studies at colleges and universities throughout Austria, and dual studies which KTM helps to design and which advance your knowledge further.

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In motor sports, the coach is just as important as the driver and the team. For our managers, and aspiring managers, we offer a variety of leadership and management courses depending on their level of development. This not only motivates you, but also helps you to motivate your team to perform their best.

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One thing is clear – experts don’t grow on trees. Regular training has made us the best and quickest in the industry. It doesn’t matter which division you work in;
we make sure you can take your own individual pit stops to bring you up to speed and help you stay ahead of the pack. Training and further education, individually tailored for certain divisions, are there to point you in the right direction.

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The toolbox is available to all employees and offers practical, work-study qualifications in various areas. Whether it’s e-learning or hands-on training here with us, you will always find the method which suits you best

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Action is the key to success


KTM has discovered the key to being at the forefront of digital transformation: by expanding the digital literacy and competence of its managers. A separate MBA course has therefore been developed in cooperation with the LIMAK Austrian Business School. The MBA, with a focus on Digital Intrapreneurship, was started to further qualify our managers and get them Ready To Race in the digital age – and it is an essential part of our KTM_academy.

The participants can expect seminars and training in the fields of Management Compact, Leadership Experience as well as Digital Intrapreneurship. The focus of this master’s program encompasses both sides of digitalization – internal processes and the development of new business models.



Motivated, up-and-coming talent now has the special opportunity to join the “Young Pioneers” and learn to use “entrepreneurial tools” practically (duration: 1 semester). Due to the fact that participants come from a variety of divisions and areas, you can strengthen your own company-wide network and always have your finger on the pulse of KTM’s developments.

The Young Pioneers College is equivalent to the first semester of the Digital Business Model and Process Innovation MBA. The best participants then have the opportunity to jump directly into the MBA. Show your initiative and forge your own career path!



In our 18-month trainee program, college and university graduates with a specialism in sales and a passion for motorcycles can optimally combine theory and practice. Become part of our Young Pioneers College to network within the company and develop new knowledge together with colleagues. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to gain practical experience in sales management directly and in closely related areas, and to learn from our professionals.

International experience is a top priority – our trainees therefore also spend some time in our offices in France, the UK or the USA. After this 18-month period you will have the opportunity to immediately take up a permanent position at KTM in sales management. Apply today and pave the way to a career with KTM!



The questions you should ask yourself first are: Are you the right match for us and are we the right match for you? If you can answer both of these questions with a resounding YES then apply now!