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Support your children and help them choose a career


 KTM has already put together the team of apprentices for the training starting 2020. We are now looking for the team members who would like to join us starting in the 2021 training year. 


In motor sports, every successful rider is supported by their crew chief who works with them to make the key decisions that shape their career. The crew chief knows their rider’s strengths and weaknesses. As your child’s crew chief, you will be on hand to help them choose their apprenticeship and make the right decision. Which team will your child start their career with?

KTM is constantly expanding its range of apprenticeships and offers a variety of training and further education courses. Our aim is to train the champions of tomorrow in-house.
Here you will find an overview of the current apprenticeships that your child can embark upon at KTM.



Which school-leaving certificate is required to start at KTM? How long is the apprenticeship at KTM? arrow

The prerequisite is a compulsory school-leaving certificate. You will start on various pathways depending on your school-leaving certificate. As a student with a higher school-leaving certificate, you take the shortcut and, depending on the job description, start directly in the second year of apprenticeship with a second year salary and benefit from the shorter apprenticeship period. As a higher general school graduate, the opportunity of the Dual Academy is also offered. (More on this with the question; Apprenticeship with higher general school leaving certificate) An apprenticeship at KTM can be interesting as a university graduate or after dropping out of university, and can also offer a wide range of opportunities.

How long is the apprenticeship at KTM? arrow

An apprenticeship at KTM lasts between 3 and 4 years, depending on the profession. Depending on your school-leaving certificate, the apprenticeship period may be shortened. For example, the apprenticeship period at the Dual Academy is reduced from 3.5 to 2.5 years and from 4 to 3 years.

What chance do apprentices have of being taken on at KTM at the end of their apprenticeship? arrow

All dedicated apprentices who have successfully completed their apprenticeship are taken on at KTM. KTM’s goal is to train tomorrow’s employees and managers in-house and to continuously develop them further.

Lap times are important when racing – what is the situation in terms of average grades for an apprenticeship at KTM? arrow

Grades give us an initial indication at KTM, but we nevertheless still take a close look at every possible future team member while they are getting a taste of the company. Where do the abilities, talents and strengths lie? For this we make use of the aptitude test from https://auswahlhilfe.at/. You will have already had the opportunity through schools to take the aptitude test at https://www.playmit.com/ to find out which profession suits you best.

What does the trial apprenticeship at KTM look like? arrow

The prerequisite for an apprenticeship at KTM is a two-day trial apprenticeship in the apprentice workshop. This is where young people can work at different stations to get a taste of what working in their chosen apprenticeship involves.

By when do you apply for an apprenticeship at KTM? arrow

As soon as you start the final grade at school, it makes sense to apply for the following year. The start of the new apprenticeship year is always September. Apprenticeship vacancies can be found on the website here. As long as apprenticeships are advertised here for an application can be made. KTM is always READY TO RACE – so it is possible that apprenticeships for the fall of the following year will be advertised as early as fall of the previous year.

How can I, as a parent, support my child during their apprenticeship at KTM. arrow

Showing an interest in what your child experiences and learns is the foundation of a good working relationship. We want the young people to have internalized the values of polite and respectful cooperation. We are always open to engaging in dialog with parents and are always available to discuss their concerns.

Which skills and interests support a starting position at KTM? arrow

For our technical apprenticeships, a technical understanding and manual skills provide a good foundation. We welcome inventiveness, a self-motivation to work hard, team spirit and a thirst for knowledge from all apprentices.

What are the working hours at KTM for an apprentice? arrow

KTM works with flexible working hours, depending on the department the apprentice is currently in. The flextime period is from 6:30 am – 6:00 pm. The core working hours, when you must be in attendance, are Monday to Thursday 9:00 am – 11:00 am and 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm, Fridays 9:00 am – 11:30 am.

What clothing do you wear each day when you start at KTM? arrow

A well-dressed starting line-up. KTM provides its apprentices with a first set of clothing. Technical apprentices receive an initial kit consisting of a pair of safety shoes, a pair of trousers, 2 KTM polo shirts and a jacket with a waistband. Commercial apprentices receive 2 KTM polo shirts. Wherever safety clothing is required, for example at machines, it is of course provided. In principle, the following applies at KTM: We are sporty, think sporty and dress sporty.

The apprenticeship is just the start of a career – what happens after it finishes? arrow

During the apprenticeship period, our apprentices rotate between all departments relevant to them. This gives them the chance to find out during their apprenticeship which department they would like to work in later.

“Apprenticeship with higher school-leaving certificate” – what opportunities does KTM offer? arrow

KTM makes a particular effort to support its dedicated apprentices, who have set themselves the goal of passing their school-leaving exams. After the first year of settling in, the apprentice can take in-house courses at KTM. The courses take place in Mattighofen in KTM’s own teaching rooms. The advantage of an apprenticeship with a school-leaving certificate at KTM is that the learning location is Mattighofen and the courses take partly place during working hours. During the time at vocational school, learning is done using an online platform. Only the exams take place outside the company. Link to information about an apprenticeship with higher school-leaving certificate from the Upper Austrian Vocational Schools http://www.lehremitmatura-ooe.at/

After successfully completing the higher school-leaving certificate, KTM supports interested apprentices if they wish to study. Our personnel development department provides information about the possibilities of part-time study and potential support from KTM in terms of time and funding.

When does the apprentice receive confirmation of a place and when is the apprenticeship contract signed? How is this done? arrow

Directly after the trial period, a short feedback interview is held with the applicants. If the feedback from both sides is positive, the next step is to interview the future apprentice, when indicated together with his
parents, invited to a conversation. Together with the confirmation of the apprenticeship the apprentice will receive a data sheet which has to be filled in as soon as possible. Based on the data sheet, the apprenticeship contract is applied for at the Chamber of Commerce. After the official start of the apprenticeship on September 1, the Chamber of Commerce will begin with the registration of the apprentices. As soon as this is completed, the apprentices will receive their signed apprenticeship contract.

At which locations does KTM offer training during the practical phases? arrow

The following training locations are possible depending on the apprenticeship and rotation. Depending on which department where the apprentice is currently gaining experience, the location may vary.

  • KTM Motohall. KTM Platz 1, Mattighofen
  • KTM Main Plant, Stallhofnerstraße, Mattighofen
  • KTM Research and Development, Stallhofnerstrasse, Mattighofen
  • KTM Parts Center, KTM Straße 1, Mattighofen
  • KTM Marketing Workshop, Gewerbegebiet Nord 2, Munderfing
  • KTM Engine Plant, Gewerbegebiet Nord 4, Munderfing
  • KTM Motorsport, Gewerbegebiet Nord 5, Munderfing
  • KTM Logistics Center, Gewerbegebiet Nord 6, Munderfing
  • KTM Components, Gewerbegebiet Nord 8, Munderfing
  • KTM House of Brands, Gewerbegebiet Nord 20, Munderfing
What’s the team like which looks after our apprentices? arrow

Three full-time apprentice trainers are always there for our apprentices, supported by four additional trainers. In addition, we have more than 200 certified trainers in the company in the specialist divisions of the company who take on the daily task of providing the apprentices with the learning content they need for their apprenticeship and are available to offer advice and practical support.

Theory and practice are important – where are the vocational schools for the individual apprenticeships? arrow

The training takes place at the appropriate vocational school depending on the apprenticeship occupation.

Application development
Professional photographer
CAD design (mechanical engineering)
Industrial clerk
Information technology (systems engineering or operating technology)
Mechatronics (automation technology or production engineering)
Media expert

Ried im Innkreis
Operational logistics administrator
Office clerk
Forwarding manager

E-commerce manager

Automotive engineering (motorcycle engineering)

Metal technology (welding technology)

Metal technology (mechanical engineering)

Process engineering

Where do the apprentices stay while at vocational school? arrow

Vocational schools are usually directly linked with a boarding school. If this is not the case, there is a linked boarding house in the city. During the period at vocational school, the apprentice arrives on a Monday and returns home on a Friday. Apprentices are supervised in the boarding schools/houses and are accommodated in shared rooms, separated into boys and girls. KTM pays the costs of the accommodation and meals.

What kind of experience can you gain abroad during an apprenticeship at KTM? arrow

KTM is Europe’s largest motorcycle manufacturer and we value internationality. Our apprentices have the opportunity to complete an internship abroad for several weeks to broaden their horizons and refresh their English skills. Participation in this is voluntary.

Does it make sense to start an apprenticeship at KTM with a higher school-leaving certificate? arrow

With a higher school-leaving certificate, the Dual Academy model offers an entry into dual vocational training. With comprehensive trainee programs at KTM, higher general school graduates benefit from an attractive starting salary from day one, combined with high-quality training. With the compact training lasting for 1.5 to no more than 2.5 years, the practical focus is on learning what you really need. As well as acquiring key specialist skills, the Dual Academy trainees gain future skills at a social, digital and international level in order to be ideally prepared to meet the challenges of tomorrow. More information can be found here.

As a parent, can I visit my child’s future workplace? arrow

As a family member, we would be delighted to offer you an insight into KTM and the apprentice workshop during our “Open Apprentice Workshop Day” and “Long Night of Apprenticeship” events. Here there is time for a “pit talk” about KTM in general and the apprenticeship at KTM in particular.

How does my child get to KTM? arrow

For apprentices with their own vehicle, KTM offers both a covered garage for two-wheelers and a large employee parking lot. If you are traveling by public transport, we are very pleased that KTM has its own train station which is only a few meters away from the main entrance to the KTM buildings on Stallhofnerstrasse.


The questions you should ask yourself first are: Are you the right match for us and are we the right match for you? If you can answer both of these questions with a resounding YES then apply now!